The talented individuals at LMG have direct hands-on experience in managing all types of commercial real estate. LMG offers customized real estate services tailored to the need of your project. Our services include:




Lundy Management Group offers both full service property management and unbundled property management services. With over 25 years of experience in management, design, and construction we can offer your organization the tailored management program that best suits the individual project.


Lundy Management Group offers both full service financial management and unbundled financial management services. Our scalable financial services can allow you to pick and choose the services you need. This allows our services to grow with your business through the booms and scale back down during recessions. It is this type of adaptability that has helped both LMG and our clients weather the storms of our changing market. 


The Lundy Group and Lundy Management Group use a modified design-build process in managing its projects. We feel this is an excellent approach that can result in the best possible product at the best possible price for the owner or tenant. We are in a unique position to offer the latest expertise because our management process involves the trades, contractors, and designer who install and maintain what they design. When the experience of installation and maintenance is considered in the design phase, the end product can be efficiently installed and economically managed. In other words, the people installing it will make sure the design is something they support and are willing to stand behind when it comes to performance.