The talented individuals at Lundy have direct hands-on experience in leasing, managing, financing, developing, purchasing, owning and selling all types of commercial real estate. The Lundy Group offers customized real estate services tailored to the needs of your project. Our services include:



Full service capabilities beginning with formation, budgeting, financing, bidding, design & engineering, construction management and operating.  Fee development, partnering, joint venturing, project management and land development.


Site or space selection with experience from Dallas to New York for Fortune 500 companies down to sole proprietorships seeking single tenant space. Licensed in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.


Unbundling the property management services to offer Physical Property Management and separately Financial Property Management. 


Over 300 leases signed for values ranging from a few thousand dollars to leases over $20 million. Experiences in Retail, Office, Medical, Warehouse, Flex Space and Special Uses. 


The Lundy Group uses a modified design-build process in pursuing its projects.  We feel this is an excellent approach that can result in the best possible product at the best possible price for the owner or tenant.  Our process involves the trades, contractors, and designer who actually install and maintain what they design.  When the experience of installation and maintenance is considered in the design phase, the end product can be efficiently installed and economically managed.  In other words, the people installing it will make sure the design is something they support and are willing to stand behind when it comes to performance. owning and operating buildings for decades. Building in value for the dollar.


Custom fee development or construction management for any range of facilities.